Question: Do Doctors Recommend Dechoker?

What should you not do when someone is choking?

Things to remember Don’t slap a choking person on the back while they are upright – gravity may cause the object to slip further down the trachea (windpipe).

First aid for choking adults includes back blows and chest thrusts while the person is leaning forward..

Is Dechoker or LifeVac better?

Across group comparisons, Lifevac was consistently superior to abdominal thrusts. For Dechoker, comparison of group one (removal in less than one minute) with subsequent time periods showed Dechoker to be less efficacious than abdominal thrusts (odds ratio 0.38, 95% CI 0.20 to 0.72).

Should I buy Dechoker?

I love that I don’t have to think, prepare or worry about how I would help someone when choking anymore, because the Dechoker is simple to use and WORKS! Do not hesitate to purchase this. I highly recommend this. I understand that a pet version may be coming out and I will be one of the first to purchase that too.

How many lives has Dechoker saved?

32 livesYou may have heard about the Dechoker anti-choking device that has now saved 32 lives around the globe, and wondered if it really works. When it comes to something as critical as a choking emergency, it is completely natural to have curiosity, questions, and yes, even some doubt.

How should Dechoker handle be pulled?

Remove the dechoker from the package and pull the handle twice to ensure the internal lubrication is properly dispersed along the length of the tube. The handle should then be returned to the fully depressed position before use.

What company makes the Dechoker?

FOX 46 WJZYCONCORD, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — The inventor of the Dechoker, a device marketed as a Heimlich Maneuver replacement, made bold claims online and to investors. “We believe that the Dechoker is 99 percent risk free,” said investor Alan Carver.

What to do if a infant is choking?

First AidLay the infant face down, along your forearm. Use your thigh or lap for support. Hold the infant’s chest in your hand and the jaw with your fingers. Point the infant’s head downward, lower than the body.Give up to 5 quick, forceful blows between the infant’s shoulder blades. Use the palm of your free hand.Jan 12, 2019

How much does a Dechoker cost?

Compare with similar itemsThis item DeCHOKER Anti-Choking Device for Adults (Ages 12 Years and up)Add to CartCustomer Rating4.6 out of 5 stars (415)Price$4995Sold ByDechoker LLC1 more row

Is the Dechoker safe?

DeChoker is an innovative product that is available for use within the care home sector. The evidence from this evaluation demonstrated that it is being used effectively and safely in emergency choking situations where recommended management methods have failed or cannot be implemented.

Can you reuse a Dechoker?

No. Dechoker is an FDA and CE registered product for sale and use in the appropriate countries where registrations are obtained. Can I reuse the Dechoker if I clean it? Dechoker is made as a single use device due to regulatory requirements around sanitation.

Is LifeVac FDA approved?

The LifeVac is registered with the Food and Drug Administration as a Class I medical device same as elastic bandages, thermometers, and bedpans. Class I devices do not require FDA approval. … A competing product called the Dechoker is also registered with the FDA and sold online.

Can using a Dechoker push food down the airway?

When a person’s airway is obstructed and they cannot breathe – either with food or another object – then time is absolutely critical. The hand-held Dechoker creates directed suction over the airway and is designed to remove food, liquid or other obstructions.

Is LifeVac safe to use?

Is the LifeVac device safe to use for anyone? Almost. The device offers both a child-size and an adult-size mask for consumers to use. However, the force can be too strong for children under 22 lbs.

Is the LifeVac safe?

LifeVac has safely saved children ranging from 3 weeks old to 13 years old.

How many times should the handle be pulled when attempting to remove an obstruction?

Abdominal thrusts Clench 1 fist and place it right above their belly button. Put the other hand on top of your fist and pull sharply inwards and upwards. Repeat this movement up to 5 times.

When was Dechoker invented?

2011Dechoker LLC was founded in 2011 to produce a medical device capable of dealing with one of the most fatal situations a person can encounter: choking. Our mission is for Dechoker to be in every home, school, hospital, restaurant as well as placed in every ambulance, fire truck and emergency response vehicles.

When should I use LifeVac?

Free replacement LifeVac when used in a choking emergency! The LifeVac is a non-powered, non-invasive, single-use only airway clearance device developed for resuscitating a victim with an airway obstruction when current choking protocols have been followed without success.

Is the Dechoker FDA approved?

The FDA “approval” mentioned on the website is a misnomer at best and misleading at worst: the device is simply registered and listed with the FDA, not approved.

Does the LifeVac really work?

5.0 out of 5 stars It works! For all those who are doubting, the LifeVac saved my 1 year old’s life, yesterday morning. … The LifeVac removed the food that he was choking on, in less than 5 seconds of use. If you have never used this product, you CANNOT say that it does not work.

Can the Dechoker collapse a lung?

Can the Dechoker anti-choking device collapse a lung? Answer: … “Dechoker will not cause a collapsed lung. A collapsed lung occurs when air is outside the lung but inside the chest wall, in the area called the pleural space.

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